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You Can’t Buy Miracles

by Inspiration Ministries

Blessed to have spent Christmas with her daughter, Meryl headed for the airport to be home in time for her church’s New Year’s Eve celebration. Instead, after collapsing at the airport, she found herself hospitalized in a foreign country – with no insurance. Doctors found a mass on her lungs preventing her heart from receiving oxygen. After receiving life-saving care, she returned home with over $30,000 worth of debt.

Meryl felt lost, hopeless, and discouraged until an Inspiration Ministries’ broadcast sowed hope into her heart.

Mr. Cerullo was speaking about sowing a seed with expectation. He said, “Sow your seed, and tell God what you want Him to do. Then, remember to thank Him!” I was a little unsure about using my card. There are so many evil people, but I decided to do it, asking God to eliminate that hospital bill. I thought about it  a couple of days and then forgot about it until the hospital bill arrived again!

The frustration began to rise up in me, and then I remembered the seed. I said, “God, your servant said I would be debt free if I sowed. I declare that I am debt free in the name of Jesus!” Then I called the hospital to be sure my last check had arrived. The lady at the hospital said, “Your account is closed. You don’t owe anything!” I couldn’t believe it; it seemed unreal!

Today, Meryl is one of our treasured monthly partners, sowing faithfully into Inspiration Ministries. Following the principle of seedtime and harvest, she knows it is her faith in the power of God that transformed her circumstances, not just her money. Meryl explains it well, “I cannot stop thanking the Lord. I have seen Him work. When you plant, you expect a harvest. I don’t give donations, I seed!”

What God did for Meryl, He can do for you. Take a step of faith today to sow a financial seed at Wrap your seed in faith and expectancy for the breakthrough you need!

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