Passover Breakthroughs

Passover Breakthroughs

Jim BuchanBy Jim Buchan4 Minutes

Do you need God to do something extraordinary in your life? What He did for these other Inspiration Partners during this special season, He can surely do for you!

Have you ever wondered…

What’s the significance of the Feast of Passover? Should Christians celebrate this and the other “appointed times” God prescribed? Are extraordinary breakthroughs possible during this unique season on God’s calendar?

Some of our Inspiration Partners had similar questions about the feasts described in Exodus 23 and Leviticus 23, but God spoke to their hearts through teachings on the feasts featured via our various outreaches. Look what happened when they took a step of faith to sow a special Passover seed in gratitude for God’s goodness.

Rescued from Grief

“When my husband died, I thought my life was over. He had been my strength and encouragement, and after his death there were many days when I didn’t care if I lived or died. But after I discovered your ministry and was taught about Passover a few years ago, I felt alive again! I became a monthly giver and felt like I was supernaturally walking on water like Peter. Slowly but wonderfully, God has come to my family’s rescue, doing a great work in me and my daughters. We are now following Him more than ever before.” – Joyce, Pennsylvania

Enormous Blessings

“Ever since you taught me about the three ‘appointed time’ feasts and sowing uncommon seeds, I have seen enormous blessings! God is so faithful, and He has used your ministry to bring endless miracles into my life. Because of what I have learned from you about God’s covenant promises, my husband and I have been living in amazing abundance the past few years. When it didn’t seem humanly possible for us to make it, God’s miraculous hand touched our lives!” – Christina, Washington

God Has Seen Me Through

“Last Passover, I happened to listen to David Cerullo and a guest minister discuss the Feast of Passover. I decided to make a $250 offering, and within a week God multiplied back what I had sown. No matter what the times have looked like, God has always seen me through. I’ve discovered there is truth behind the seed faith teaching!” – Wilbert, Virginia

A New Job

“During the Passover season, we sowed a seed into your ministry and asked your prayer ministers to pray for my husband’s job search. Then God blessed him with a wonderful job! Thank you so much for praying for us in the time of our need.” – S.P., Kuwait

Debt Free

“I have always given my tithes and offerings to the Lord, but things changed when I began to give during the Jewish festvals. God answered my prayer and allowed me to pay off all my bills, making me debt-free! In addition, although I had only asked Him to let me buy a home of my own, instead He enabled me to buy an entire apartment building, large enough for me and other family members. Thank you for teaching me about God’s blessings during these vital appointed times.” – Crystal, Virginia

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