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Have You Ever Said, ‘God, Please Help Me’?

“Pray. Just pray.” What happens when the words won’t come? How do you begin to pray? Rest assured.…

I Want to Live

What does God do with a good ol’ southern boy taken captive by the demon of alcohol? He meets him…

Pregnancy and Infant Loss
Pregnancy and Infant Loss: Helping Grieving Families Part 1

When you consider that one in four American women experience the grief of…

Prayers for Healing

An unexpected troublesome medical diagnosis, a strained relationship with family or friend, and…

Simple Steps to Health and Wholeness

Excerpt taken from Simple Steps to Health and Wholeness by Inspiration Ministries If you want a…

Daniel Kennedy and the ‘Healthy Long Life’ (Part 1)

John Farrell: Could you please tell me a little bit about the “Healthy Long Life” docuseries?

Unspeakable Tragedy, Unimaginable Grace

How would you respond to a heartbreaking loss? As the story of Gentry and Hadley illustrates, God…