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Spiritual Life


Trust me
‘Trust Me.’ – God

Trust … It’s hard to earn and easy to lose. In our fast-paced world, dominated by social media,…

Journey from Abuse Insecurity to Victorious Living
Journey from Abuse and Insecurity to Victorious Living

Raised in an abusive home, Demetria never felt safe or loved. Before she turned 13, overwhelmed…

God’s Rescue Plan
God’s Rescue Plan

The Israelites were in slavery in Egypt, in desperate need of a breakthrough. Perhaps you can…

Surrender and Self-Esteem
Surrender and Self-Esteem

The Secret to Surrender The more you learn to surrender your heart to the Lord and conform yourself…

The Grace-Giving Father

Once there was a Spanish father and son (José) who, like many fathers and sons, had an angry…

Hope that Never Quits
Hope That Never Quits

If your life is anchored to God’s Word, you will finish well in the marathon of life. In a world…

Billy Graham's Legacy: God's Messenger to the World
Billy Graham’s Legacy: God’s Messenger to the World

He preached to more people than anyone else in history, reaching hundreds of millions in person…

You Need God’s Power
You Need God’s Power

We are not to wage war according to our own resources. The power that leads to victory is not in us…