A Tough but Desperately Needed Topic

A Tough but Desperately Needed Topic

Kathi MaciasBy Kathi Macias4 Minutes

Researching and writing a trilogy about such a difficult subject as human trafficking—particularly of children—was definitely not my idea. It was, in fact, Andrea Mullins, former publisher at New Hope Publishers, who first approached me about it.

By that time, Andrea and I had worked through other tough topics, such as illegal immigration, homelessness, and the persecuted Church around the world, as we put together novels for New Hope’s new “Fiction with a Mission” line. But when Andrea called and asked if I’d pray about/consider doing a series on the trafficking of children, I felt everything in me recoil at the prospect. Still, I promised I would and said I’d get back to her in a week or so.

Now, to be honest, I knew very little about the subject, beyond the fact it was no doubt one of the cruelest crimes against humanity that ever existed. I also—erroneously—believed it was something that took place only in far-away, third-world countries somewhere, like Thailand or Cambodia. Boy, was I in for an education!

As I prayed about taking on the project, I also did some internet research on the topic. I also talked with people actively involved in rescuing these precious children—primarily social and ministry workers, as well as law enforcement. But it was an interview with a crusty old newspaper reporter that sealed it for me.

This investigative reporter had researched and written about nearly every topic imaginable—the good, the bad, and the ugly. But he readily admitted that none had impacted him more than something that happened as he was researching the trafficking of children in my own backyard of San Diego, California.

“I was at the U.S.-Mexican border, interviewing an immigration officer,” he explained. “As we talked, a bust went down, right in front of my eyes. A man was trying to smuggle in and sell a child as a sex slave to an undercover agent. Of course, he was arrested and the child rescued.” He shook his head and took a deep, shaky breath, as his leathery face took on an air of sadness. “The child was only eighteen months old.”

Eighteen months old! How was that possible? For the first time since Andrea mentioned the topic to me, I realized it wasn’t about how difficult it would be for me to research and write these books; it was about the hell-on-earth lives these children, all around the world, were enduring every day. For though that eighteen-month-old child was rescued, all I could think of was the many who weren’t.

And so I called Andrea and agreed to do the series. We decided we would call it the Freedom Series because, though we wanted to paint a realistic picture of this desperate situation, we also wanted the focus to be one of rescue and redemption. So if you’re feeling a bit hesitant at the thought of reading about such a dark topic, know that the light of God’s hope and love shine brightly throughout all three of these books.

If you need help, call the Human Trafficking Hotline (toll-free): 1-888-373-7888

For more information go to Humantraffickinghotline.org

You can also find resources and help at Theresa’s website, TraffickFree.com and SoapProject.org.

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