Have You Ever Said, ‘God, Please Help Me’?

Melissa HendersonBy Melissa Henderson5 Minutes

“Pray. Just pray.” What happens when the words won’t come? How do you begin to pray? Rest assured. God is listening. Ask Him for help.

The year 2005 was a rollercoaster time in my life. A yearly appointment for a routine mammogram would bring unexpected changes.

Glad to be completing my yearly exam, I signed in at the medical center and found a seat in the waiting area. A technician opened the door leading to the diagnostic area and one by one, every person was called for their turn to be examined.

I smiled and greeted the nurse as she called my name and motioned for me to follow. A short conversation as we walked along the hallway leading to the mammogram machine. Normal protocol, verifying name and birth date. Then, changing into a hospital gown and finally, having my mammogram.

The test was complete and I returned home. All was right with the world. Until…a phone call came from the mammogram office asking me to return to the medical center. The person on the other end of the call explained that the machine may have had a malfunction. “No problem. I’ll be right there.”

This time, my husband Alan drove and we both thought the new scan would only take a few minutes and we would continue on with our daily activities.

Same procedure as last time. The technician asked me to wait for someone to explain what was happening. Another person entered the room. A different kind of test was needed. A breast ultrasound.

Worry began creeping in. The ultrasound machine showed an area of concern, just as the mammogram had shown. A doctor entered the room.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Henderson. We see a suspicious area. You need to see your doctor as soon as possible.”

As I dressed, the worry increased. Years before, my mother had breast cancer. My father had lung cancer. What if cancer had hit me, too?

Contacting my doctor and learning she couldn’t see me for another three weeks,  I called my mother’s surgeon. The receptionist said, “Come to the office tomorrow. We’ll take care of you.” That was some relief, knowing whatever was going to happen would be learned the next day, not three weeks later.

The next morning, Alan and I traveled almost two hours to meet with the surgeon. She requested a needle biopsy after reviewing all test results. More waiting, but at least now, we were on a quicker path for answers.

Back home, we waited for the phone call with the results. One day went by. The next day was Valentine’s Day. No call. Finally on February 15, 2005, the phone rang. Alan answered and handed me the phone.

A few moments of small talk. Then, the words, “Melissa, I didn’t want to give you this news on Valentine’s Day, so I waited a day. I’m sorry to tell you this news. You have breast cancer and will need surgery.”

Hearing her words, I immediately fell to my knees and began to sob. The conversation ended. I sat on the floor sobbing. Alan held me tight and we both tried to gather our thoughts and feelings.

I wanted to talk with God. I wanted to ask Him, “Why? Why is this happening?” The words wouldn’t come. I wanted to have a prayer that was special and meaningful, filled with beautiful words.

“God, please help me.” I spoke.

I didn’t need fancy words. I only needed to ask God for help. Peace and comfort came as soon as the words left my mouth. “God, please help me.” I repeated those words many times before surgery and after surgery. Months of chemotherapy and radiation. Years of medicines to hopefully prevent the cancer from returning.

I am happy to report that I am 15 years cancer free.

When times are uncertain, when life gives you worry, when the words won’t come…remember to ask for His help. God is listening.

“God, please help me.” Yes, God did help me.

Amen. Thank You Father.

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