Israel: The Prophetic Connection with Dr. John Tweedie

Bio: The Prophetic Connection offers a biblical and prophetic exploration of Israel, past, present and future. Hosted by pro-Israel Christian Pastor, Dr. John Tweedie, each episode teaches viewers the prophetic connections between the Old and New Testaments while raising awareness of Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish nation within a secure border. Filmed entirely on location in Israel, explore the promised land like you’ve never seen it before – including commentary from Israel’s leading ministers, rabbis, archeologists and historians. Join Dr. Tweedie for an exciting look into God’s glorious future for us in anticipation of Christ’s return!

Meet the Host – Dr. John Tweedie

Dr. Tweedie is a Christian television personality, minister, and author. Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Dr. Tweedie migrated to Canada in 1967. As a minister, he served congregations in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario. Dr. Tweedie is currently chairman and helped to establish Christians for Israel (C4i) in Canada, which is a ministry striving to communicate a biblical worldview of God’s plan for Israel and the Church. In 2012, Dr. Tweedie served as President and CEO of C4i’s sister branch in America. Dr. Tweedie continues to support the people of Israel and has received special recognition for his many years of service to the Christian Church.

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