Nail 32

Nail 32 is an inspirational movie based on real-life cowboy Buck Livingston’s story of courage, honor, and faith. In it, we’re asked the question: Can a cowboy be a Christian?

Buck loved being a cowboy more than just about anything. But when a well-meaning (but misinformed) churchgoer informed him he couldn’t be both, Buck didn’t hesitate to give up rodeo life.

Luckily, Buck Livingston soon discovered a more beautiful truth: God meets each of us right where we are. He uses our individual stories to witness in a way that no one else could.

Early on, Buck learned he couldn’t change the world – but he could make a difference one person at a time. The Nail 32 movie shows how he did that while he traveled the grueling rodeo circuit, filled with back-breaking bull riding and honkey-tonks.

Buck’s story dispenses with overly simple solutions to life’s complicated problems. Instead, it explores one man’s journey from rodeos, to rancher and family man, to preaching, and the people he impacted along the way.

Nail 32 stars Shelton Murphy (Legends & Lies), Brad Johnson (Left Behind), and Lea Penick (American Hoggers).


Genre: Cowboy drama
Rating: TV-PG

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Friday, June 14 at 10 p.m. ET | 22:00 UK
Saturday, June 15 at 3:30 a.m. ET | 03:30 UK

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