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Mike Smalley

Mike Smalley is the founder and president of Worldreach Ministries. His crusades have planted 64 churches in Africa and Central America. His business seminars and crusades have challenged audiences in 33 nations to reach for and apply the Wisdom of God. Learn more at mikesmalley.com

Your Authority In Christ

The Bible gives us this incredible promise in 1 John 4:17: “…as He is, so also are we in this…

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Be a Partaker
Be a Partaker

Imagine if you got a phone call from an attorney in your city, and he said, “We’ve got good news…

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Keys Overcoming
4 Keys to the Overcoming Life

Whether the mountain in front of you is physical, legal, spiritual, financial, or marital, here’s…

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Keys Overcome Discouragement
4 Keys to Overcoming Discouragement

Recognize discouragement as a season, not a permanent condition. Although we’ve all been…

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