A Heavy Load Was Lifted!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Claire had been suffering financial, physical, and emotional stress ever since the deaths of her mother and brother two years before. Many things in her life seemed to be going wrong, and the stress finally caused her to quit her job and take early retirement. But that only made matters worse.

Claire soon fell several months behind in her mortgage payments. Twice she applied for mortgage modifications, but both times she was denied. Facing foreclosure, she called the Inspiration Prayer Center in desperation.

One of our prayer ministers, named Teresa, answered her call, and God quickly began to work in Claire’s situation. “As Teresa fervently prayed for me, I felt like a heavy load was lifted off my shoulders,” she later wrote.

Later that day, Claire unexpectedly received over $3,000 from various people she had helped in the past. Her Social Security check also arrived that day, and she was shocked to find an uncashed paycheck for $1,299.

Claire’s foreclosure was canceled, and she has been able to keep her house. “Now I am back on track with my mortgage payments and utility bills,” she reports. “Things are steadily moving forward in my life. Praise God, and thank you, Inspiration Ministries!”

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