Our Home Mortgage Was Reduced!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration MinistriesApril 6, 20221 Minutes

“I have been sowing seeds for God’s Kingdom into your ministry for some time, especially during the last few Campmeetings. I’ve also been studying the Jewish roots of Christianity and sowing First Fruits, Pentecost, and Feast of Tabernacles offerings, and I truly believe this has been key to the miracle that just happened in my life.

Recently, the bank contacted us and said they had modified our home mortgage. The principal was reduced from $238,229.97 to $118,691.66. The bank reduced the principal by $119,538.31! Also, our current mortgage payment of $853.33 remains the same, with a fixed interest of 5% for a 25-year term! All we have to do is sign the papers! I don’t know of anyone else whom the bank has contacted. Everyone else I know has had to submit an application to the bank for a modified mortgage loan.

Talk about the FAVOR of God! I can’t stop thanking and praising Him enough! I am also thankful for the fertile soil of your precious ministry. As long as I have seed, I will continue to sow into your good ground. Thank you for being faithful to continue to uncompromisingly teach the Word of God.” — Jannae, Nevada