Life with Dog

When Joe Bigler loses his wife Alice in a mysterious bike accident, he not only has her death to contend with but his own lack of faith. Not knowing how to mourn her loss, he plunges into a dark abyss of uncertainty as he grapples with questions about God and the circumstances surrounding her death.

Joe’s rescue comes in the form of a mangy terrier dog who has managed to sneak into his rose garden as he is talking to his late wife. Despite Joe’s best efforts, he cannot get rid of the dog and decides to take him in so he can find out who his owner is. The two form an unexpected bond, and with that bond, comes a new understanding of God’s love for Joe. Not only does his newfound faith help him toward the road to recovery, but it also helps him find the answers to the mystery surrounding his wife’s death …and ultimately the ability to forgive others.

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