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The Heaven Effect

by David Cerullo

How Would Your Life Change if You Had an Encounter with Heaven?

Heaven is a place of great joy…peace…and worship. There won’t be any more sin, rebellion, disease, poverty, depression, loneliness, or broken relationships. Divisions based on race, nationality, or economic status will also be a thing of the past, for Heaven will be inhabited by people from “every tribe and tongue and people and nation” (Revelation 5:9).

What will it take to bring more of the heavenlyrealm to your present-day circumstances on earth?

Inspiration Ministries founder David Cerullo explains how you can confidently use “the keys of the kingdom of heaven” to unlock amazing breakthroughs in your health, finances, emotions, and family – transforming not only your own life but the world around you as well. You’ll find yourself praying Jesus’ Kingdom Prayer with new authority and expectation!