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by Inspiration Ministries
“In a little more than a year you overconfident ones will shudder, for the grapes will fail and the harvest will not come. Shudder, you complacent ones; tremble, you overconfident ones! Strip yourselves bare and put sackcloth around your waists.” Isaiah 32:10-11 CSB

He had become a kind of celebrity. With dashing looks and flamboyant personality, George Armstrong Custer emerged from America’s Civil War as a hero to many. Born on this day in 1839, Custer fostered an image that made him seem almost larger than life. Catapulting into the public eye through his performance, he became the youngest brevet brigadier general in the Union Army at the age of 23. His uncanny knack for avoiding wounds and injury became known as “Custer’s luck.” Only 25 when the war ended, he seemed destined for a distinguished career.

But there were warning signs. He had been a poor student at the United States Military Academy. He himself had commented, “My career as a cadet had but little to commend it to the study of those who came after me, unless as an example to be carefully avoided.”

While characterized by defiant boldness, he also became known for being obstinate and overconfident. As one historian commented, “Custer exhibited a reckless temperament that kept him in almost constant trouble with superior officers.”

These characteristics were on display in June 1876 when he led 214 men to their deaths in the notorious Battle of the Little Bighorn in south central Montana. While enormously talented, Custer ultimately seemed to be a victim of his excesses.

The Bible warns against the dangers of overconfidence. Of placing our hopes on ourselves and our abilities. We are called to be humble. To be people of prayer, constantly seeking God. Trusting in Him, not ourselves.

Make sure that you commit your way to the Lord. Don’t lean on your own understanding. Ask for His guidance. Don’t take Him for granted. Humble yourself before Him and obey His Word.


Father, I humble myself before You and seek Your wisdom for these issues: ______. Thank You that I can trust You. In Jesus’ name. Amen. Pray for wisdom for David Cerullo and Inspiration Ministries’ management team.

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