Real-Life Lessons from God's Earliest People
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Real-Life Lessons from God’s Earliest People

by Inspiration Ministries

Is your life dominated by outside influences? Do you place trust in things or people instead of the Lord?

Join Bible scholar John Roos as he explores answers to questions like these in his very timely message about a once powerful ancient people—the Hittites. You may not know very much about the Hittite people mentioned in several passages of the Bible, but it’s a message that parallels our lives today!

You’ll learn why it’s critical to always depend on God for strength and power. You’ll also dig into 10 distinct real-life lessons you can learn from the Hittites, such as:

  • How their experience can give you renewed confidence in the truth of the Bible
  • Validation that the only history that really counts is the one that God knows and wrote
  • The importance of staying humble before God

The Hittite story tells us that God has a plan for our life from beginning to end, and we are wise to keep our trust in Him instead of people or things outside of Him.

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