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Prophecy Conference with Ed Hindson

by Inspiration Ministries

Join David Cerullo and Ed Hindson as they share excerpts from their recent Prophecy Conference. In these videos you’ll gain a deeper insight into the study of prophecy and learn more about the three reasons that God speaks prophetically in His Word:

  • To prepare us for what’s coming
  • To motivate us to change our behavior through the message of His prophets
  • To allow Him to celebrate in the glory of the blessings He gives to us

Enjoy this amazing journey through the entire Book of Revelation; and if you’d like to learn even more, why not order The Revelation Package which includes Ed Hindson’s profound DVD, Understanding the Book of Revelation; and Karen Heimbuch’s powerful CD, The Revelation?

Biblical prophecy is not meant to scare you, but prepare you. Order now so you can be prepared!

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