Eve of Destruction: Is There Hope for America?
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Eve of Destruction—
Is There Hope for America?

by Inspiration Ministries

Is There Hope for America?

From the birth of this nation to the present day, God’s hand has been on our country—guiding us as we walked in obedience and humility before Him.

In spite of that, do you find yourself growing concerned about the path America is taking? Can you feel the urgency of the hour in your spirit?

Are you deeply and gravely concerned about the country’s future when it comes to the economy, moral decline, political unrest, and more?

There’s a reason for what you’re feeling.

Even though we’re still thought of as a “Christian” nation, many politicians, media executives, and special interest groups are on an intense campaign to eradicate every indication of Christianity from our public life.

Are Believers Contributing?

The sobering reality is that even many Believers are living a life of compromise. Jesus said in John 14:15, “If you love me, keep my commandments,” but nowadays, Christianity has been redefined and watered down. Gone is the time when the majority of Christians boldly stood for their beliefs.

This is especially true when it comes to electing our nation’s President. In fact, according to exit polls and voting records, 75% of self-identified Evangelical Christians don’t vote!

Instead of seeking God and turning from our wicked ways, our country is increasingly rejecting Biblical standards. Americans are encouraged to act in any way they want without regard for eternal consequences.

If true revival is going to come, if God is going to heal our land, then it MUST start with each of us—in our personal lives—and in our walk with Him!

God’s Promise

God promises to forgive us and heal our nation if we will:

  • Humble ourselves before Him in reverence and awe
  • Pray for Him to change our hearts
  • Seek His face above all else
  • Turn from our wickedness and repent for our sins and the sins of our nation

If you’re one of the many Believers that didn’t vote in the last election, you can still have a personal part in opening your heart to the Spirit’s leading and letting the Lord guide you.

Get out and vote this election. Let your voice be heard at the ballot box. But even more importantly, let your voice be heard at the Throne Room in Heaven.

Together, let’s lead the way in bringing repentance and righteousness back to our country and the principles it was founded on.

Learn More

Don’t forget to watch the above video that contains insight from David Cerullo, Ann Coulter, David Tyree, Alan Keyes, Wink Martindale, Chuck Colson, Dr. Gary Cass, Alan Greenspan, Brigette Gabriel, Joel Rosenburg, and Grant Goodeve.

Do you still want to learn more about the millions of Believers that are drifting complacently through life without taking a stand against America’s continued decline into godlessness, humanism, secularism, political correctness, immorality, and more?

Then why not order David Cerullo’s book that inspired the above video,
Eve of Destruction—Is There Hope for America?


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