Andrew McNair and The Giving Crisis

John FarrellBy John Farrell2 Minutes

Andrew McNair, host of the Rich, Young & Powerful podcast and founder of SWAN Capital, a wealth management firm, has been helping high net-worth families plan their estates and legacies for future generations for years. In The Giving Crisis, McNair shares his own account of how he made millions, then lost millions, and how he realized the secret to a fulfilled life isn’t more wealth, but giving away that wealth. Now he gives away half of his annual income and experiences abundance in life.

McNair joins John Farrell and Julia Page McCarley to discuss his book, The Giving Crisis, and what it means to tithe and to give unabashedly. In their conversation, they discuss whether it is appropriate to spread your tithing between the church and other Christian organizations/ministries or should the full 10 percent go all to the church, is tithing only a financial obligation or can people tithe their time, how tithing fits in when you’re financially struggling and have medical bills, student loans, and other financial commitments, should you tithe 10 percent of your gross income or net income, how to start tithing, how to deal with the stigma and pressures that come with giving, and many other questions as they relate to the role finances play in your faith and marriage.

Watch the interview below and order your copy of The Giving Crisis: Helping Average Gives Become Everyday Philanthropists by Andrew McNair

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