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John Farrell

John Farrell is the Digital Content Manager for www.inspiration.org. In addition to having written more than 1,000 articles, press releases, and other pieces content for Inspiration Ministries, NASCAR, Lionel, and Speed Digital, he authored The Official NASCAR Trivia Book: With 1,001 Facts and Questions to Test Your Racing Knowledge in 2012. John is a graduate of Appalachian State University and lives in Concord, N.C., with his wife and two sons.

Selfie Dad: Are You In?

When three former PayPal employees created YouTube in 2005, they probably didn’t expect the type of…

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Ellen Elliott: Geeking Out with God (Part 3)

John Farrell: I personally loved the Star Wars chapter as I’ve been a fan of it for over 40 years.…

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Ginny Dent Brant and the Book She Never Wanted to Write (Part 3)

John Farrell: How has your journey impacted your faith? Ginny Dent Brant: At first my faith was…

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Nick & Chelsea Hurst Explain What It’s Like to Be Marriage Minded

John and Julia Page sat down with Christian social media influencers Nick and Chelsea Hurst. They…

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‘Greater’: What Is Your Legacy?

With the second pick of the third round of the 1999 NFL Draft (the 63rd pick overall), the…

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God’s Compass: Follow God’s North

https://youtu.be/Jeirq5iMJ-U Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own…

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Gallows Road: Where Racism, Revenge, and Redemption Converge

Forgiveness can sometimes be hard to come by, especially when the offending act is rooted in hatred…

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Okongo Samson: Abducted but Not Forsaken (Part 1)

John Farrell: Is it possible to forgive terrorists who kidnap and torture you? Okongo Samson: Yes,…

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Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home: You Can’t Fake Faith

https://youtu.be/ZCTSBKiO1RY Although you may be able to deceive others into believing your lies,…

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Put One Foot in Front of the Other and Trust Me
Put One Foot in Front of the Other and Trust Me

https://youtu.be/gfaoWf0kZE0 In 2018, JJ Weeks almost walked away from music entirely. Music and…

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