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T. D. Jakes

T. D. Jakes is a New York Times best-selling author of more than forty books. He is the CEO of the TDJ Enterprises, spanning film, television, radio, publishing, podcasts, and an award-winning music label. He is also a Grammy Award-winning music producer. Learn more at tdjakes.org

Got Hope
Got Hope?

Hope is a powerful force that purifies our soul (1 John 3:3). When things don’t look good, hope…

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Your Turning Point
Your Turning Point

When things look bad, hope says, “It’s going to be all right.” But I’ll admit, sometimes it’s hard…

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power of life and death in words
Power of Life and Death

Excerpt taken from Don’t Drop the Mic: The Power of Your Words Can Change the World by T.D. Jakes…

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How Can They Think That?
How Can They Think That?

Excerpt taken from Disruptive Thinking by T.D. Jakes. Chapter 6 Why It’s So Difficult Everyone Has…

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Is Now the Time to Speak
Is Now the Time to Speak?

We’re told in Ecclesiastes that there is a time to speak and a time to be silent (Ecclesiastes…

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Dream Big and Live Boldly

Stressing his point that the only way to know God and enjoy his favor is by faith and faith alone,…

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Strength Runs Out
What to Do When Your Strength Runs Out

These are difficult days for many. Although God has placed gifts, callings, and talents within us,…

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