5 Steps to Victory in Christ

5 Steps to Victory in Christ

Ben CerulloBy Ben Cerullo2 Minutes

Many believers become disappointed when things don’t go their way. They fall prey to the common misconception that all their problems and struggles will vanish once they start a relationship with Jesus.

However, let’s be honest: Life can be tough. Even as Christians, we’ll face many challenges – including some new ones we didn’t have to deal with as unbelievers.

You see, before we were saved, we were no threat to the devil. But when we accepted Jesus into our heart, something changed. We took up a new residence in the spiritual battlefield and immediately became an enemy of Satan.

If your struggles seem overwhelming today, these five steps will help you to find a place of victory in the Lord:

  1. Quit relying on your own strength. Realize that the only way to experience lasting victory is through the power of the Holy Spirit and reliance upon what Jesus accomplished for you on the cross.
  2. Cry out to God, and repent of any known sins. Ask God to forgive you and deliver you. Turn away from your chains, sin, and bondage, and run into the arms of your loving Father, Savior, and Deliverer.
  3. Be accountable. Surround yourself with solid believers to lean on for prayer and support to help you during times of temptation or struggle.
  4. Passionately pursue God. Commit yourself to spending daily time with Jesus and get to know Him intimately. Press into His Word and His presence until He’s your everything.
  5. Fight the good fight. The Bible says there’s a fierce spiritual battle for your soul (Ephesians 6:10-18). You must stand in the victory Jesus has already won for you. Defend it, stand on it, and walk in it!