Sowing Seed Works

Sowing Seed Works

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Tammie’s husband, Moir, was under a lot of pressure from his bosses, and he wanted to leave the company. However, Tammie knew that he would be walking away from a sizable amount of vested company stock.

“I recommended he wait at least a year before making a final decision,” Tammie recalls. “Although he agreed, I continued asking God to confirm that I had given him the correct advice.”

The next morning, their TV was tuned to Inspiration Campmeeting, but Tammie was too busy doing housework to watch the broadcast closely.

“I happened to hear the preacher say, ‘Just do it for one year!’” Tammie says. “I stopped in my tracks because I felt it was the confirmation I’d been praying for. I believe God has an appointed time.”

At the end of the message, the Campmeeting speaker urged viewers to sow $1,000 into God’s Kingdom through Inspiration Ministries.

“I was skeptical about giving to TV ministries,” Tammie says. “But I knew if I truly believed this message was from God, I had to sow a seed of faith. So I pledged $100 a month for 10 months.”

The same day, Tammie and Moir unexpectedly received a $500 check from their insurance company. This was another confirmation that God was answering her prayer and honoring her obedience.

After Moir waited and trusted God, one of his former coworkers got him a great job with a new company.

“The new position will provide our family with more income and give him an opportunity to grow professionally and influence more people,” Tammie reports. “We’ve also learned that God is blessing him with incentives we didn’t expect.”

Thrilled with their uncommon harvest, Tammie and Moir are thankful for Campmeeting: “May God continue to anoint the good ground of Inspiration Ministries!”

What God has done for Tammie and Moir, He can do for you! As you faithfully sow your financial seeds, ask Him to give you the breakthrough you need!