Life-Saving Harvests

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Watching Campmeeting on Inspiration TV one Sunday, Marty knew God was wanting her to take a step of faith:

“The presence of God was very strong, and I was led to sow a $1,000 seed,” she shares. “At the time, I sowed the seed with prayers for our son – that God would help him reduce his college debt, find a good job and a Christian wife.”

But the blessings God had in store for her, her son, and her husband were far larger than she imagined.

Weeks passed before Marty’s first harvest. As she tells it: “A man was shooting at cars driving by on the highway. Our son was a security guard at a resort nearby the incident. He went to help. A gunfight ensued! Praise God, no one was hurt, and the man was arrested. God saved our son!”

Soon after, Marty needed a life-saving miracle herself when she accidentally fell headlong into the family pond, striking her head on a rock as she toppled in. Concerned about losing consciousness and drowning, she cried out to God for help and was somehow able to get to the house and call for an ambulance. Rushed to the hospital, she was treated for a concussion, but she knows it could have been much worse without God’s intervention!

Later the same year, Marty’s husband suffered an even greater ordeal, collapsing in a seizure while waiting for his order at a lunch counter. After being airlifted to a hospital, they found bleeding on his brain! But God stepped in and performed a miracle. “He is now fine,” Mary exclaims, “God completely healed him!”

Marty rejoices for the blessings that came with her seed for souls. “God is a good God and is faithful. I thank Inspiration Ministries for being on television so I could pledge that seed.”

What God has done for Marty, He can do for you! Visit today to sow a seed for souls.