Your Pentecost Breakthrough

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Can you imagine what went through the disciples’ minds leading up to the day of Pentecost? The yearning, the frustration, the waiting.

For 50 days after Jesus ascended, they could do nothing but pray and fast, wait and dream before they experienced His miracle breakthrough.

But, then it happened…and boy, was it powerful.

With a mighty rushing wind, the Holy Spirt swept through Jerusalem on the Feast of Pentecost and overwhelmed those very disciples with His power and grace.

God poured out His Spirit like never before…and NOTHING in their lives was ever the same again. Hallelujah!

The Feast of Pentecost has always carried specific promises for God’s people.

As we celebrate again today, I am praying for you to experience supernatural breakthroughs like never before.

His promises are real. And, His favor is for you today!

Wherever you need His touch the most…your finances, your health, your emotions, or your family…

I ask that God would stretch out His mighty hand and give you supernatural victory in every area of your life.

The Bible promises that when you honor God during the Feast of Pentecost, He will throw open the floodgates of His extraordinary blessings.

All we need to do is walk in His grace and receive His goodness!

So, go ahead…His miracles are yours!  Let this day of God’s outpouring also be the start of your personal turnaround.

I am praying for you to receive ALL God wants to pour into your life. May you be richly blessed and may you always walk in His power and love.


God bless you,

David Cerullo