Unlocking God’s Secrets

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Jesus said there are “mysteries” of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Greek word here also can be translated to mean “secrets.” These are insights that are not obvious or widely known truths buried deep within God’s Word. Yet they are available for anyone to discover.

These secrets are keys that unlock greater spiritual insights and unleash more of His power. They also can transform our lives.

God retains these secrets in part because He wants us to realize that there always is more to learn about His Kingdom. No one knows all there is to know.

Yet, as Jesus said, some people think they see and hear, but really do not. They think they know, but really do not. They think they have the full picture while, in reality, their picture is incomplete.

This is true no matter how long we have been Christians. It is true for new converts as well as for
longtime believers. This is true for elders and pastors as well as for the average Christian.

We always are to remain humble, to seek God with childlike enthusiasm, and eagerness to learn more about His Word and gain more of His wisdom.

The Bible reminds us that God wants us to hunger and thirst for His Word. We are challenged to read and study the Bible. To dig and explore its depths. To pray every day, crying out for supernatural insight and wisdom. Asking Him to lead us deeper, that we might experience more of His Kingdom.

In your life, do not be content with what you know. Hunger and thirst to know more. Commit yourself to dig deeper. Ask God to transform you more powerfully, and reveal more secrets of His Kingdom.