Turning Up the Heat

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God knew everything His people had done. He also knew their past. He knew the ways He had blessed them, and principles He had given to guide their lives.

Yet they had forsaken Him and turned aside from the His Word. They might have thought that they could get away with their rebellion, but God knew the truth. He knew about their “dishonest gain.” Their wickedness. The impurity and “uncleanness” of their hearts.

But God was not abandoning them. He still cared, but that meant helping them correct their mistakes. They would experience His judgment, but the goal was for them to turn their hearts toward Him.

To Him, His people were like “dross.” He would allow them to go through a furnace designed to purge them of impurities. This would be a “furnace” of His design and it would “blow fire” on them, in order to melt it. Over and over, He repeated the message that they would be “melted.”

God would be putting them through fire. But there was a purpose. This was designed to melt them, to burn away sin and flaws, so that they would emerge purified.

The same principles are true in our lives. God loves us so much that He wants to get our attention. To purify us and drive the impurities from our lives. To make us into His vessels. He tries to warn us. To encourage us. To remind us of His truths. But if we fail to respond, He may turn up the heat.