Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

John was overwhelmed when he saw an angel coming down out of Heaven. Hearing what “the seven peals of thunder had spoken,” he started to write what they had said. Then, he was told to stop and seal what was said. Why?

The Bible gives us no specific answer, except that God did not want these words shared, at least at that time. We can wonder what John saw and why God did not want him to write down these words. John’s experience helps us realize that God has a special time for each revelation. We can know some things now, and other things He will reveal later.

We must remember that there is more to be revealed. We are encouraged throughout Scripture to ask for insight into things we do not understand. If we ask, God promises to give us wisdom. But we also should remember that some things might remain mysteries. Later John was told, “Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, for the time is near” (Revelation 22:10). He learned that, at the right time, God’s words would be unsealed.

Today, stay humble before God. Study His Word. Remain sensitive to His Spirit. Ask Him questions you have. But don’t be discouraged if some things remain mysteries. You can be confident that He will unseal every mystery at the right time. And He will take care of you.