Making God’s Calling and Election Sure

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God had called Aaron and his sons to serve Him as His priests. But even though they were called, each still had to be consecrated—set apart for His purposes. To assure that they understood this calling, each priest had to go through a formal process. They must accept this calling and confirm their commitment to obey. This was true generation after generation, priest after priest.

This process involved sacrifice, wearing special garments, washing before entering His presence, and being anointed with oil.

Their experience provides a pattern that still is true for all Believers. We are called to serve God and must lay aside our plans and desires in order to submit to Him. We must realize that this commitment involves sacrifice. We never can forget just how imperfect we are and how perfect He is. We can never be good enough, boast in ourselves, or take the credit. Every blessing and benefit is a gift from God.

As David discovered, even though he was king, he did not have special privileges. If we want to “stand in His holy place,” we need “clean hands and a pure heart” (Psalm 24:3-4).

As He calls us, He gives us the power and resources we need. Our task is to be faithful and good stewards. But we cannot do this in our own strength. We need to be anointed: Empowered by the Spirit.

In your life, remember God’s calling for you. Seek to serve Him faithfully. Always being humble and thankful. A good steward. Filled with His Spirit.