Hollow or Heartfelt?

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The picture is of people who were completely committed. Unanimous in their thoughts and attitudes. Caught up in their emotions, and confident. The inspiration? This large crowd was reacting to news that “Jesus was coming.”

Overwhelmed by His approach to Jerusalem, they gladly celebrated Him as the Man “who comes in the name of the Lord.” They shouted, “Hosanna,” believing that He could save them. That He was “the King of Israel.”

In the days to come, their resolve would be tested. The religious establishment would determine that this kind of celebration was damaging to their nation. That Jesus represented a major threat and had to be silenced. That His public support had to be suppressed.

How did this large crowd react? Many were shocked. Some surely continued to hope that Jesus would make a difference, perhaps rising up and leading a rebellion. Others would join the critics and be recruited to shout, “Crucify Him” (John 19:6). Many would retreat into silence. Perhaps afraid. Perhaps not sure what to do.

Just days later, only a handful of these people would witness Jesus being led away to be crucified. Only a handful would witness His crucifixion. What had happened to the unanimous shouts of praise? The confident and bold declarations?

In fact, it can be easy to say that we are “Christians.” That we are followers of Jesus. That He died for our sins. That He is our Lord. But how do we react if circumstances change? If others question our beliefs?

Today, make a commitment to worship and praise Jesus. To serve Him without reservation. In every situation.