God’s Secrets

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

What was required of God’s prophets? These men and women were called by Him to be His servant. They were His messengers, set to deliver the messages He had given them. Amos was one of those people. He only spoke because he had been given messages from God.

If God spoke, prophets like Amos had no choice but speak those words. God even entrusted secrets to His servants. These were private things not readily apparent to others, things only known to God, and those to whom He chooses to reveal them.

While Amos was being faithful, others were like Amaziah (Amos 7). This priest knew about God, but was not listening to Him or sensitive to His voice. Amaziah was interested in his own ideas, in the politics of the time, in being popular and advancing his career.

We can see why God was so pleased with Amos, a man who was committed to Him, sensitive to His voice and the leading of His Spirits ready to serve Him, regardless of the consequences or the circumstances.

Who are God’s servants today? These are people who are committed to listen to Him. Who are sensitive to His voice and willing to do what He asks. These are the people to whom God reveals His secrets. For they are His trusted servants.

In your life, let God know that you are committed to serve Him, no matter what He asks you to do. Seek to be ready for Him to speak to you, and prepared to serve Him. Pray, but don’t just talk with God. Listen, and be sensitive to His Spirit. Then, as He speaks to you, be faithful to do what He requires of you.