Disturbing News

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

When they heard of the birth of the Savior, some were overwhelmed with joy. They knew that this was a moment to celebrate. God’s promised Messiah had come. The ancient prophecies had been fulfilled. Some realized that this was a transforming moment, that God was asserting His sovereignty into the affairs of men, providing hope.

But some were disturbed by this news. In fact, King Herod was deeply “troubled.” He was so upset that his emotions were felt throughout the entire city. Everyone knew that the king was unhappy, and his reaction fostered unrest.

The idea of a new king renewed his concerns about rivalry to the throne. In his rise to prominence, Herod ruthlessly had eliminated rivals and cultivated his own position. But the news about a new king represented a threat to his power and potentially disrupted his plans. It was a challenge to his worldview, and shook up his assumptions.

Today, men and women throughout the world still have the opportunity, in their lives, to determine how they will react to Jesus. Many think of Him as just a child in the manger, the picture of innocence and purity. Others think of Him as a man who would become a wise teacher.

But some realize the full implication of His appearance. That He came to be the Messiah who calls us to follow wherever He leads. To lay aside our own plans, and stop seeking our own kingdom. To let Him be the Lord of our lives.

Herod might have sensed that dramatic changes were taking place, and He found the prospect disturbing. He wanted to remain king, of his nation, and his own life.

How do you react to Jesus? Don’t try to make Him fit into your plans or world view. Humble yourself before Him. Surrender to Him. Make Him your Lord. Worship Him.