Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Edom had long been a rival of God’s people. These neighbors (and relatives) had many disagreements. It would have seemed inevitable that Edom would rejoice when God’s people had problems. But He had a different perspective.

God warned Edom that He was upset because they “stood aloof” while His people experienced “their time of greatest need.” Instead of being concerned when Israel was invaded, Edom refused “to lift a finger to help.”

They thought they were immune to problems. They were proud and arrogant. In fact, they thought they were safe, dwelling “in a rock fortress.” With a home “high in the mountains,” they thought they could think only about themselves. Filled with a boasting attitude, they asked, “Who can ever reach us way up here?”

But God knew what they were doing and told them that “the day is near” when they would be judged. They would be rewarded based on their actions and attitude toward others: “As you have done to Israel, so it will be done to you.”

Today, many believers stand aloof from the troubles in the world. Rather than being concerned or allowing God to give them compassion, they do not want to get involved. They are content to enjoy their own lives, never realizing that this attitude is not acceptable to God.

Right now, consider the world: Millions have never heard the Gospel. Millions more are suffering with sickness and poverty. Millions are being persecuted for their faith. Don’t be deaf to these needs. Ask God to give you compassion. To show you how to respond. Allow Him to use your time, talent, and treasure to be His servant.