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Bishop Terrell Murphy

Bishop Terrell Murphy is the founding pastor of Life Center International in Charlotte, North Carolina. Learn more at lifecenterinternational.org

Unlocking the Real You
Unlocking the Real You

As a preacher of the Gospel, I have the privilege of regularly standing before people as God’s…

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Delighting in the Lord

https://youtu.be/bwxSV8ycweI Yes, the Lord has great things planned for us and great desires for…

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His Grace Is Sufficient

https://youtu.be/LK0kFuj1UJ4 The power of the Lord and the love of God towards you gives you the…

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It’s All Working Together for Good

https://youtu.be/v-d-lUC5Mn4 I believe your walk is strengthened as you go through life day in and…

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God of the Impossible

https://youtu.be/AKRc_tHlytM These times that we’re having together in talking about Kingdom living…

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Kingdom Prayer

https://youtu.be/OC3_9ureOZ4 We’ve been taking time to learn what it is to live in the ways of the…

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Power to Live Like Jesus

https://youtu.be/Qqigqci9o9w We’re moving together on Strengthen Your Walk so that we can come into…

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Abiding in Jesus

https://youtu.be/rm2iHL_37jc I pray that these messages are encouraging you, as we’re stepping out…

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Living in Spiritual Community

https://youtu.be/JGMkuxq8QmE This is the day that the Lord has made, and we’re going to rejoice and…

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The Kingdom of God Is at Hand

https://youtu.be/binxz_DG_40 Great day! I’m Terrell Murphy and it is such a joy to be with you on…

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