Kingdom Living

Bishop Terrell MurphyBy Bishop Terrell Murphy1 Minutes

Terrell Murphy has some exciting news for you in this new Strengthen Your WalkTM  series! As a believer in Jesus Christ, you are a citizen of the Kingdom of God with a vital purpose in this world. Decades of ministry have convinced Murphy of the desperate need for believers to know their purpose – and God’s provisions for success.

You’ll learn many of the components of Kingdom life! The foundation of God’s love allows you to operate from your position of power. Kingdom principles release the power of God into the world around you and bring daily victories. Using Jesus’ teachings, Murphy shows how prayer equips you to be a channel for the power of God.

In Kingdom living, problems become steppingstones to greatness. You’ll learn how embracing weaknesses and trials leads to blessed opportunities to receive more of God. You’ll never settle for seeking a better earthly life once you grab hold of Kingdom life!

Join Terrell Murphy in this new Strengthen Your WalkTM  series, and begin living the fruitful, abundant life Jesus died to give you!