It’s All Working Together for Good

Bishop Terrell MurphyBy Bishop Terrell Murphy5 Minutes

I believe your walk is strengthened as you go through life day in and day out. When we perceive the workings of God, we understand that every opportunity that we have and every obstacle we face and every challenge and even our victories, they’re opportunities for us to be strengthened in the Lord.

He says to us to stand strong in Him and in the power of His might. The might of God is so tremendous because there’s nothing that can overtake it. There’s nothing that can move you away from it. It is there to support you, to build you, and to strengthen you all the days of your life. We’ve probably moved through some of the most challenging times in our culture and in the nations of the world through what we’ve recently encountered, with so much societal unrest. We’ve moved through a pandemic. I believe that those days are behind us and we’re going to be stronger and made better through all of that. But one thing that I understand about God is that He is faithful to His Word.

He is true to His Word. Many people struggle in their walk with God because they forget about so many of His principles. We sometimes try just to grunt the work of God out, not realizing that there are principles that we should cling to. I love the Lord because He is not a respecter of persons at all, but He is a respecter of principles. When you walk out His principles, you will see the divine intervention of God.

You’ll see God makes ways out of no ways. A God that can take crooked things and make them straight. He is a God that can take high things and bring them low, and low things and bring them high. He is a God who is there with you on your mountaintop experience. It even says in the book of Psalms that if you make your bed in hell, I’ll be there as well. The Lord has plans for you and there is nothing that can keep those plans from coming to pass except you. I don’t believe that’s going to be the choice that you’ll make as you’re striving to become a man or become a woman who is moving in a life that is centered in the Kingdom of God.

You can always trust the promises of God’s Kingdom; His government; His utterance; His protocols; His regulations; His procedures. All of these things make up His Kingdom. One thing I’ve learned to live by no matter what I face and no matter what the situation that I’m going through is that all things work together for good to those that love the Lord and are calling according to His purpose. The promises are made to us.

This promise is reiterated by Paul in the book of Romans, the eighth chapter and the twenty-eighth verse. We can stand in that knowing that everything’s working for my good no matter what it looks like…no matter how challenging it is. This is working a far more exceeding glory in me. It’s changing my mind. It’s changing my attitude. It’s changing my relationship with God and my intimacy with Him. Everything is working for my good. Sometimes you can be a little selfish with that Scripture and say it’s all working for me and people are going to see the fruit of the work of God in your life. I believe it because every good and perfect gift comes from Him. Be encouraged, take care, and keep strengthening your walk. Peace.

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