The movie Greater is the inspirational true story of Brandon Burlsworth (Christopher Severio, Universal Soldier), possibly the greatest walk-on in college football history. Yet it’s more than “just” a sports story. It’s a story about holding to the future God leads us to, despite how it looks to other people. As you watch, there’s something you’ll realize pretty quickly: Brandon Burlsworth was an amazing person. Amazingly kind, amazingly persistent.

Yet early on, he didn’t look very promising to the people around him. All his life, people made fun of Brandon—even his dysfunctional family. And when he visited the Arkansas Razorbacks, hoping to play for them, he was told flat-out he could show up as a walk-on, but he would never play.

So Brandon showed up. And he kept showing up, inspiring Coach Bender (Frederic Lehne, Dr. Death) to drill him in the skills he needed to succeed. Finally, Brandon was so good, no one could believe he was a walk-on.

In Greater, we see that sometimes the destiny God has for someone is bigger than our own dream. The target we aim for is not always the greatest God wants us to hit. Yet we also see that we each have a part—sometimes a hard part with a long road—to get where God wants to lead us. And we have to keep showing up.

Also stars Neal McDonough (Van Helsing and Minority Report) and Leslie Easterbrook (Police Academy).

Genre: Sports Drama
Rating: TV-PG


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