The Power of Story: A Muslim Journey to Hope

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Storytelling is a powerful tool with a long history—and a variety of uses. Parents share stories with their children to instruct and comfort them, while modern-day marketers build entire campaigns around stories. And, of course, Jesus told stories to His followers to teach life-changing truths to those who would hear.

Stories of changed lives, also called testimonies, can be especially important to someone struggling to understand Christianity—or to someone living in a country that has been closed to the Gospel.

That’s what makes A Muslim Journey to Hope so effective. Featuring personal testimonies from former Muslims, rather than preaching, this Inspiration Ministries program and Internet outreach has touched countless lives in the Middle East and around the world.

For example, people like Muhammad in Malaysia:

I am a Muslim by name and by birth, but my Christian friend always talked to me about Jesus, and I wanted to know more. I came to your channel and saw a preacher who had been a Muslim before. I was very touched and amazed that God showed me your TV program, and I wanted to learn more about Muslims coming to the right path in Jesus Christ. That night, while I was about to go to bed, I confessed that Jesus died on the cross for my sins, and I accepted Jesus as my Savior.

None of this would be possible without you, our Inspiration Partners! Your financial Seeds allow us to air A Muslim Journey to Hope throughout Europe and the Middle East on Inspiration TV.

Because of YOU, the message of hope and salvation in Christ is penetrating the darkness in nations like Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Afghanistan.

During each program, A Muslim Journey to Hope highlights stories of people who have had a life-changing experience with Christ. Each story is true, and each story is as different, including women and men, young and old, rich and poor. And the stories come from countries all over the world.

Our special website,, is a fantastic resource that can be accessed in either Arabic or English. In addition to offering answers to frequently asked questions about Christianity, it features video testimonies from former Muslims.

“Modern technology has opened up awesome doors for Muslims to receive the Gospel through satellite dishes on their rooftops, even if their country has made it a crime to preach or to share a Christian testimony,” explains Inspiration Ministries founder and CEO, David Cerullo.

Abdul Saleeb, who pastors a fellowship of converted Muslims in the United States, agrees: “Current trends in the modern world such as globalization and urbanization have opened up new and unprecedented opportunities for sharing the Gospel with the people of Islam. The use of modern technologies such as satellites and the Internet, along with the mass distribution of Bibles, are also making significant impacts in previously closed Muslim countries.”

But, adds Saleeb, we must never forget the high price these precious souls pay for turning from Islam to follow Jesus Christ. “They will suffer harassment, ridicule, rejection by the family and the community, and educational or employment discrimination because of their faith.”

Naeem Fazal, whose testimony is featured on A Muslim Journey to Hope, was born in Pakistan and raised in Kuwait as a Muslim. Now a pastor in Charlotte, North Carolina, Fazal’s story of conversion was one of the first to be taped for the program—and one of the few that are not anonymous.

Fazal, an outspoken convert and public speaker, has authored a book called Ex-Muslim. “People tend to believe that conversion from Islam to Christianity is the biggest leap someone can take,” he points out. “If my story can remind you that God’s love can bound across any abyss—even Islam—to reach someone, then I’m happy. Mission accomplished!”

Inspiration Partners, we invite you to pause and pray for the suffering and persecuted believers throughout the Muslim world. And never forget that your Seeds for Souls are sending the Good News of Jesus Christ to people like Fatima from London:

I have come to know the Lord Jesus Christ through “A Muslim Journey to Hope” four years ago. Now I really love the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I love you all and thank you! May our wonderful Lord and God continue to bless and protect all who are involved in your ministry.

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