‘We Canceled Our Suicide Plans!’

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries4 Minutes

Have you ever wondered if Christian television can truly change lives? Then take a look at this incredible story of how the Lord averted the suicides of Moses and Sarah, a devout Hindu couple in India.

“My wife and I were drowning in debt, and the creditors were constantly after us,” Moses recalls. “We owed 1.2 million rupees (about $26,000 USD), which seemed hopeless to repay. All our lives, we had been very religious Hindus, but we were receiving no help at all from our gods.”

In desperation, Moses and Sarah concluded that their only solution was to commit suicide.

“There seemed no other way to end our financial agony,” Moses explains. “So we agreed that I
would bring poison home from work, and together we would end our lives.”

But something amazing happened while Moses was away at work. Although the TV was on in the background as Sarah did some chores, she wasn’t paying any attention until she heard a man talking about “a family that was deeply in debt.” Sarah was astonished to hear the man continue by saying that even though the couple was planning suicide, God would do a miracle if they would give their lives to Jesus Christ.

Moses soon returned home, fully expecting to carry out their planned suicides. But Sarah now had other plans.

“When I returned from work, Sarah told me about the broadcast she’d seen and asked me to watch the rebroadcast of the program with her the next day,” Moses says. “She was convinced something wonderful was about to happen.”

The next morning, they sat and watched the program together.

“The preacher on TV said if we would pray to this God he was speaking about, we could have changed lives. So we prayed with him to invite Jesus Christ to come into our hearts!” Moses testifies.

The transformation began right away. “When we prayed to Jesus, we felt totally different,” he says. “We had never experienced that kind of peace when we prayed to our gods. But suddenly we felt real hope that Jesus was going to give us a miracle so we wouldn’t have to kill ourselves.”

Moses and Sarah were so sure of their new faith that they immediately destroyed their Hindu idols. “We love Jesus!” they exclaim joyfully. “He has given us new lives, exactly like the preacher on TV said would happen.”

Not only did this Indian couple become new creations in Christ, but God also gave them a miracle to clear all of their debts. Their hopeless situation became a hope-filled future!

If you’re facing a desperate situation today, remember what God did for Moses and Sarah. He’s the God of the impossible, and He can transform YOUR life today just as He transformed theirs. Contact our prayer ministers to pray with you for the miracle you need.