Our New Love Language

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After 36 years of marriage and four children, love lost its luster.

“Maybe we never knew what love was in the first place,” confesses Rudy. “I guess I thought love was fun, sex, and money. The rest of the time, I just took love for granted or didn’t think about it at all. God let me go through a very hard time to teach me about His love, so I could know that love IS the living Jesus in me.”

Before Rudy’s God encounter, he and his wife had lived good lives. They went to church regularly and lived morally. Rudy’s welding skills kept their bills paid. Their children had grown into responsible young adults. But almost imperceptibly, a wall began to separate Rudy and his wife. Suspicions began to torment Rudy. Convinced his wife had found a new love but unable to communicate with her, he chose to move out.

The gulf between them simply widened with the separation. Their children grieved, and though his wife denied an extra-marital relationship, she did not want him to return to the home. “The Spirit says it is not time for you to come,” she would tell him. Rudy began seeking God more passionately – fasting and praying. He went to his church for prayer and insights. As the months dragged on, Rudy felt betrayed by God.

One evening, God used an Inspiration Ministries seed program to touch his heart. Rudy sowed a seed and asked the International Prayer Center to pray with him. Just like the Biblical account of Jacob fleeing from his home, suddenly Rudy realized, “Surely, the Lord is in this place” (Genesis 28:16).

At that moment, he understood: God had not betrayed him at all – God had never left his side! With joy, Rudy relates, “In reality I needed this wake-up call. It opened my eyes. As I traveled through this time of brokenness in my family, I felt God giving me peace and direction even in my despair. You don’t grow when you are comfortable.”

As he began to see the ways God’s love worked in his heart and his life, Rudy began living the same way toward others, especially his wife. “God gave me a love language I could use to show and tell my wife that I loved her!” As Rudy fed himself with the Word of God, it became a part of him. He learned to be the living Word for his wife and family. “Before, I never washed my wife with the Word or tried to help or encourage her. I never hugged her. She did her thing, and I did mine. It’s not like that now! We’ve both learned so much. We are partners now who stick together, trusting the Lord. We help each other. We finally know what love is, and we live it.”

What God did for Rudy and his wife, He can do for you! Take a step of faith today to sow a financial seed at inspiration.org/souls. Wrap your seed in faith and expectancy for the breakthrough you need!

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