Dakota’s Courage

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries4 Minutes

Where do you go when your world crashes in? Who lifts you up when you feel you have nothing left?

John, a longtime ministry partner, knows exactly where he would turn. In 2022, he received a call from his son that completely devastated his life: “Dad, go to the hospital. Dakota has been hurt. They don’t think she’s going to make it.”

In desperation, John called Catherine at Inspiration Ministries. They had prayed together often—and had seen the windows of Heaven open. On this day, John desperately needed to see Jesus rescue his baby girl.

For the next five months, John spent most nights in his daughter’s hospital room. He prayed regularly with Inspiration Ministries, begged his praying Facebook friends to storm Heaven—and celebrated both God’s work and his daughter’s courageous spirit every day.

In the midst of those dark days, the light of Christ broke through to Dakota’s heart. “I don’t remember much about the accident. I just remember coming out of the coma. Everything was kind of fuzzy, and I kept asking ‘what happened?’ Someone handed me a picture of the accident scene, and the cross formed by two burned trees next to the ATV leaped out at me. I knew God was with me,” explained Dakota.

Her father still marvels at the changes the accident brought to his daughter. “My wild child became someone who truly loves God,” said John. “Dakota’s courage and tenacity awe all who know her. They said she wouldn’t live, then she wouldn’t walk. Everyone else gave up, but Dakota didn’t. She proves you can do all things through God.”

It is that awareness of God that strengthens Dakota for the tough road of recovery she now walks. Dakota has endured 18 surgeries, is relearning the basics of life, and dealing with the loss of friends who aren’t interested in a pal who prefers God to drugs and alcohol. But her journey has given her great treasures too: sobriety, peace with God, and deeper connections to others, including her five-year-old son. With quiet determination she said, “God put me on this earth to have a purpose. I don’t know it yet, but if I keep a good mindset, God will show me.”

While God’s work in Dakota’s life is just beginning to become obvious to her, she’s reaping the harvest sown into her heart by her father’s faith. Delivered from his own addiction over 30 years ago, John knows God is trustworthy and credits Inspiration Ministries with helping him learn this life-changing truth years ago:

Payroll was due the next day. I had a full crew depending on me to pay them, and I knew I couldn’t do it. I turned on the TV and heard the preacher say, “If the money in your pocket won’t pay the bills, it must be a seed. Sow it in God’s Kingdom, and He’ll provide the harvest you need.” That made sense to me, and I sowed my seed. The very next day, a client whose account had been written off as delinquent called. “John, come pick up this check before I change my mind,” he said. I did, and payroll was covered!

Through his amazing testimony, John looks to encourage others who are also crushed and heartbroken: “We’re called to witness God’s glory, and that’s why we want to share our story. Inspiration Ministries has been there for us through the years—helping us see God in the hard times. We want others to see Him too.”