God Is Up to Something Big!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Raised by parents who served God, Vurnice lives with a thankful heart. “I promised God I would serve Him all my days!” She has kept that promise and brought the same hope of Christ to many others in the process.

Sacrificial seed sowing and serving are in the family DNA. In the early ‘70s, Vurnice’s mother dedicated several days to fasting and seeking God’s direction. God gave her the vision of a farm that would help troubled youth. Leaving the security of a job in the auto industry – and their newly built dream home – Vurnice’s parents purchased an old farm near Chicago to found the Garden of Prayer Deliverance Center.

Living out the God-given dream meant hard work and financial struggles. Those sacrificial seeds continue to change a multitude of lives. Vurnice and her husband Franklin added to the harvest by establishing The Garden of Prayer Youth Center in 1995 as a 501(c)3 non-profit. Today, God continues to bless Vurnice’s ministry even as she sows seeds from her personal finances.

One recent example came when the center desperately needed a van. Within days of sowing a seed, a $25,000 check for purchasing a desperately needed van for the youth center came in. They now have a 2019 van with only 15,000 miles on it! A local homeowner donated their property to the ministry for a group home after Vurnice sowed another seed. And once, a $1,000 seed blossomed into a $100,000 ministry gift … and honor from city and state officials!

“We trust His decisions; He is good and generous. The difficult times just increase our faith. We will continue to sow.”

What God did for Vurnice and The Garden of Prayer Youth Center, He can do for you! Take a step of faith today to sow a financial seed at inspiration.org/souls. Wrap your seed in faith and expectancy for the breakthrough you need!

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