Amazing Peace

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries4 Minutes

God calls to everyone – and always in the way they are most likely to hear. For some, that is a 3:00 a.m. television program. Such is Rhondina’s story.

A bright young woman, she left school and obtained her GED at only 15 years old. But when a boyfriend set her on a path of destruction through an addiction to crack cocaine, she drifted far away from God’s voice and into a lifestyle of sin, drugs, and homosexual relationships.

One early morning as the nightlife waned and Rhondina’s racing mind slowed, Campmeeting came on the television. The preacher captivated Rhondina. Soon she found herself on her knees praying the sinner’s prayer. When Rhondina called our International Prayer Center, she wept.

“I wrote down the things she (the prayer minister) said to do … and the things the preacher said God would do. It was amazing! It happened just like they said!”

Rhondina followed through on what she heard. She stopped selling drugs and ended a twenty-year homosexual relationship! But Satan does not release his servants without a fight, and Rhondina came to know Jesus as her protector. One chaotic night shortly after turning to God, a man tried to kill her. God’s miraculous intervention left the would-be killer dead and Rhondina alive.

As she began to recognize God’s activity in her life, she realized His loving care had been there all along. Looking back over her life, she recognized many times when God had protected her even before she turned to Him. Once, brutally attacked and dragged down the highway after a drug sale, she only suffered extensive road rash burns, a crushed ankle, and a dislocated knee.

Another time, in a drug-induced daze, she walked in front of a speeding car on the highway. She suffered a concussion but no broken bones. God even protected her from her own suicidal tendencies. The demons in her life traumas pushed Rhondina to attempt to take her own life multiple times, but God delivered her.

“I’ve hung myself twice. I’ve taken overdoses numerous times and been on life-support three times. Once after being on a breathing machine for four days, I awoke as they unplugged it. Doctors said I had been dead for twenty minutes before arriving at the hospital, and that if I lived, I would not be able to know others, speak, or walk. But here I am … running my own business and helping others!”

Because of partners who’ve sown seeds, Inspiration Ministries helped set Rhondina on the path to new life. Today, she values God’s presence in her life and says, “I run my own business and try to help people caught in the lifestyle I was trapped in. I pray for world peace and for my enemies every day. I don’t lie, and for everything, I try my best to be what God needs me to be.”

Reaching into lives that might never hear the Gospel is what you do as a partner with Inspiration Ministries. Thank you. Please pray for Rhondina and others to know the power of the Lord who rescues us all.