Unexpected Favor

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

It looked like Nadolyn’s foreclosure was inevitable, but God intervened just three days after she planted a financial seed during Campmeeting

After living in her home for nearly 12 years, Nadolyn recently faced a financial crisis and imminent foreclosure. She was fighting a seemingly hopeless battle with her mortgage company to save her home, as she explains:

“The foreclosure was only a few weeks away, and I tried repeatedly to reach the person I was working with at the mortgage company. I left him 16 messages, but he never returned my calls. There seemed little hope of preventing the foreclosure.”

Then Nadolyn stumbled across our Inspiration Campmeeting broadcast and heeded the message:

“I had never watched Campmeeting before, nor had I ever heard of the speaker. But when I heard him asking viewers to sow a $1,000 seed into God’s Kingdom through Inspiration Ministries, I responded by faith. I knew the money I had in the bank would not solve my foreclosure problem, so I gladly sowed the seed to the Lord.”

Just three days later, God did a miracle and gave her unexpected favor:

“Amazingly, I received a call from my mortgage company, telling me that my foreclosure was canceled! They decreased my house payment by $539 per month, making it affordable again! Look at the favor of God!” — Nadolyn

What God did for Nadolyn, He can do for you!