Salvation Message

Salvation Message Video by Ben Cerullo

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

While Ben Cerullo has brought the salvation message and healing to countless lives during his international crusades in past years, he also is impacting people online through his powerful salvation video. Here are a few of the salvation testimonies he’s received from Africa:

I prayed the prayer…
“Thanks to your inspiration, I prayed the prayer with
you to make Jesus my Lord and Savior!”
  – Mercy, Nigeria

I gave my life to Christ…
“I watched your inspiring video and gave my life
to Christ. Thank you very much!”
– Rukia, Uganda

A prayer for forgiveness…
“Lord Jesus Christ, I ask You to forgive my sins
right now and become my Lord and Savior.”
– Sandy, South Africa

If you pray the prayer with Ben, go to to let us know so that we may rejoice with you!

Thank you,
Inspiration Partners. This is fruit that abounds to YOUR account in Heaven!