Reversing a Downward Spiral

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries4 Minutes

Lawrence had high hopes after moving to America, but instead his life unraveled. Here’s how a simple step of faith changed everything.

After a bloody civil war erupted in his home country of Liberia, Lawrence moved to the United States, hoping for a better life. Yet things didn’t go well for him. “When I first arrived in America, it was like Heaven closed over me,” he says. Lawrence was unable to find a job, and he was involved in two serious car accidents.

Then his wife left him after 17 years of marriage. His spiritual life was shattered, and he felt as if he was living in the book of Job.

“I didn’t know what was happening to me,” Lawrence recalls. “Everything was going wrong, and there was no happiness in my life.” There seemed no way to reverse the downward spiral.

But everything began to change one night when he happened to watch a TV broadcast of Inspiration Campmeeting. The preacher shared about God’s law of Seedtime and Harvest, something Lawrence had never heard of before.

When the preacher encouraged viewers to trust God and sow a $1,000 seed, Lawrence felt led to take action. “Even though I only had a part-time job, I called and pledged that I would sow $1,000 by paying $58 per month,” he says. “It was a huge step of faith for me at the time, but I made a firm commitment to see it through.”

Within a month after he started sowing financial seeds to win souls through Inspiration Ministries, Lawrence began to experience numerous breakthroughs in his life:

  • He and his grandchild had been denied health insurance, and their combined medical bills were over $5,000. But after sowing his first financial seed, Lawrence was notified that their medical coverage was granted, and all their past bills were paid. “We never had to pay one penny of the cost!” he reports in amazement.
  • Lawrence saw his hours at work increase from 15 to over 40 hours a week.
  • Lawrence’s car had been totaled in the second accident, and his insurance company refused to pay for the damage. However, now they reversed their position. “My insurance company changed their mind and covered the entire cost,” he says with gratitude.

Lawrence is still shocked at how God quickly unlocked supernatural blessings after his step of faith during Inspiration Campmeeting. “If I had held on to my financial seed and refused to trust God, where would I be today?” he asks himself. “Trusting God made all the difference!”

What God did for Lawrence, He can do for YOU! Take a step of faith by visiting to sow your financial seed into God’s Kingdom. As you wrap your seed in expectancy, feel free to reach out to our prayer ministers to join you in praying for the breakthrough you need.