No Longer a Victim

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries4 Minutes

Unimaginably abused as a child, Christina began praying in her bedroom closet for God to intervene in her situation. Here’s the amazing story of how the Lord not only transformed her own life, but one of her offenders as well.

Are you praying for someone you love to be transformed by God? Do you need a breakthrough that only He can give you?

During Christina’s entire childhood, her mother carried a deep-rooted hatred toward her, while her father expressed his sexual perversion by crawling into her bed at night. Day after day, she experienced extreme injustice and unimaginable neglect.

But as a young child, the Lord came to Christina in such a powerful way that she began to have hope that He could change the hearts of her parents. When she was just 10 years old, she would take her two favorite dolls into her closet to pray, remembering the Bible verse, Where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them”(Matthew 18:20).

She continued those prayers into her adulthood, when she eventually found real-life prayer partners at the International Prayer Center of Inspiration Ministries.

A Family Breakthrough

By the time she was 47, Christina was faithfully serving the Lord and partnering with Inspiration Ministries. One afternoon she received a phone call from her younger sister. Their mother, now quite frail, had fallen and broken her back. It turned out she was being kept at a hospital not far from Christina’s house.

Despite the passing of several decades, her mother still carried hatred and resentment. Christina wasn’t sure it was a good idea to go and see her after several years of being estranged. But something inside her said she should go.

When she walked into the hospital room where her mother was lying, she was shocked by what she heard. “Christina, God is speaking to me. I have hated you for so long and I’m very sorry. I also have been partnering with Inspiration Ministries, and when I pass, I want you to carry on my pledge to them. I’m so thankful for the impact they have made on my life.”

A Beautiful Relationship

During the next few months of hospital visits and surgeries, her family would visit to say good-bye as her mother continued to get weaker. But miraculously, Christina and her mother began a beautiful relationship.

“Those last few weeks were full of laughter and tears of joy,” Christina recalls.  “My mother was in peace for the first time in her life.”

Just a few months after her relationship with her daughter was restored, Christina’s mom passed away. But she died fully at peace with the Lord and her family.

“God is a God of transformation and restoration,” Christina has learned. “My mother received the greatest healing a person could ever receive—knowing that God loved her, no matter what.”

Christina is incredibly grateful for the role Inspiration Ministries played in her mother’s transformation. “I want this story to inspire others to trust in the God of transformations and unending hope,” she says.

Not only has Christina carried out her mother’s desire to keep changing lives through the support of Inspiration Ministries, but she also has increased the amount of her own monthly pledge. “What an honor it is to sow seeds into a ministry that is transforming lives like my mother’s!” she explains.