Hope Restored!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries4 Minutes

After watching Inspiration TV one evening, Niyi decided to boldly take a step of faith. Now, his whole life has changed…and he’s never looked back!

Niyi watches Inspiration TV in Scotland, but was born and raised in Nigeria. He didn’t have any family in Scotland, and he felt incredibly alone when he first moved there.

“I spent most of my spare time on the phone to my family and friends in Nigeria,” Niyi says. “I especially missed my mother and girlfriend, and it was very difficult to be away from them.”

As time passed, his mother become sick with leukemia and died, and Niyi was devastated. Around that same time, his six-year relationship with his girlfriend hit the rocks, causing him to feel even more alone.

“This was the most terrible time in my life, and I felt quite hopeless,” Niyi recalls. “But thankfully I came across Inspiration TV about that same time, and the uplifting broadcasts helped to keep me going. Your programs brought me timely messages for what I was going through.”

One night, Niyi heard how sowing a financial seed into God’s Kingdom could be a key to releasing His supernatural breakthroughs. The speaker encouraged viewers that within 90 days of sowing their seed, God could turn their situation around.

This was a new concept to Niyi, but he stepped out in faith and called Inspiration Ministries to pledge a $1,000 seed. He also made a list of prayer requests assigned to his seed, specifically asking God to lead him to a new job and a wife.

“One of your prayer ministers prayed with me for these requests when I made my pledge,” he says. “Before that, I had been searching for a new job for several months without success.”

The Lord intervened with amazing speed. “Just two days after I pledged my seed, I received calls for two job interviews!” Niyi reports. “Within 90 days, I was hired for a great job, and the monthly salary was a $1,000 more than my previous job.

But the best breakthrough was still to come…

“Soon after making my pledge, I called a good friend in Nigeria one day to congratulate her on her upcoming marriage. She put her younger sister Folusho on the phone, and when I spoke with Folusho for the first time, something leapt in my spirit. The Lord had led me to this wonderful Nigerian woman who is now my wife!”

Niyi eventually learned that just three days before he made that phone call, Folusho had also sown a financial seed to the Lord, asking Him to provide a husband! He exclaims, “Within 90 days of us both sowing seeds into God’s Kingdom, He miraculously brought us together. Now we’re happily married and thrilled to partner with Inspiration Ministries in its powerful, worldwide ministry!”