A New Life Money Could Never Buy

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries3 Minutes

“My wife and I used to have three houses, a business, and a family who loved each other,” Terry recalls. “We had healthy children and were financially blessed.”

But suddenly Terry endured incredible tragedy, losing his wife, father, and grandmother within just a few weeks. Then disaster struck again when his son attempted suicide and his daughter was hit by a truck, becoming a paralyzed double amputee.

Terry’s life was completely turned upside down by these events, reminiscent of the story of Job in the Bible. Unable to face the pain in his own strength, he turned to the alluring appeal of drugs, alcohol, prescription pills, and prostitutes for comfort.

“I had no purpose for my life, other than to avoid pain,” he says. “The pain killers and drugs helped to deaden the pain of losing my family, and I became addicted to feeling numb.”

Terry was so despondent that his children even purchased his gravesite, expecting him to soon be found dead. Twice he was sent to prison, and it seemed that everyone had given up on him.

But God Still Had Plans for Terry…

While sentencing Terry to his second prison sentence, the judge said in frustration, “I’m tired of your ways, Terry. Your daughter, son, friends, and the police are all tired of your choices. When will this end?”

While sitting in prison, Terry realized he was living in an internal prison behind the physical bars that separated him from the outdoor world. And the judge’s question kept ringing in his head. “When will this end?”

Soon after being released, Terry woke up at 4:00 a.m. one morning to turn on his TV. He began watching a preacher on Inspiration TV, and in that moment he realized that he could no longer survive a self-directed life. It was time to turn his life over to God’s direction and care—and that’s exactly what he did.

Terry’s New Beginning

After beginning his new life in Christ, Terry has mended relationships with his children, found a sponsor to guide him through addiction recovery, and met his fiancé, who faithfully loves and prays for him.

And best of all, Terry now has the peace of God and hope for his future.

“I no longer get drunk or high, nor do I deceive my family or friends anymore. The Lord has set me free from anger and given me a new life money could never buy!”