Need a New Outlook?

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Several years ago, Patricia’s life began to fall apart. “I lost my business, home, vehicle, and literally everything I owned.” Then came the blow that nearly destroyed her: the loss of her beloved father.

“My dad’s death was pure devastation to me,” she confesses. “I thought about suicide on several occasions.”

With no money but too much pride to ask people for help, she struggled to hold onto the only thing she had left – her faith. Deeply depressed, Patricia found it nearly impossible to apply the biblical principles she read to her life. Finding David Cerullo’s “Strengthen Your Walk™” videos on the Inspiration Ministries Facebook page transformed her life!

“The teachings made me feel like each Bible principle was directly about me and my struggles,” Patricia says. “I began to want more and more of God’s Word. My entire perspective on life changed, and I never think about suicide anymore. David’s teachings have given me a completely new outlook, awakening a new thirst for God’s plan for my life.”

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