My Harvest Just Keeps Coming!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries3 Minutes

Pauline was no stranger to hard work and sacrifice. She was employed at a top executive search firm and enjoyed a comfortable life and the respect of her peers. She was also a strong Christian who believed in tithing.

Although a faithful employee, Pauline was considered too expensive to keep. Her bosses pressured her into retiring by offering her an enticing severance package. She refused to step down, but a year later, she was forced to do just that … and it nearly devastated her.

Pauline wanted to keep working, but she knew finding a job wouldn’t be easy. Although she was tempted to do things in her own strength, she decided to be patient and wait on the Lord. About eight months later, an Inspiration Ministries’ Campmeeting program caught her attention. “I had never learned about the seed principle—and never been challenged to give $1,000.”

Pauline couldn’t get the message out of her mind and called her husband into the room to watch. Together, they agreed—despite their reduced income—they would commit to sowing their seed. “We were against giving to get but this was a glimpse of something much greater. We were needing guidance but more important was the greater harvest of souls.”

That seed held a harvest for Pauline too. In less than three months, Pauline found herself back in her industry at a larger firm than the one she was with before. “God did it. He took me back to the same level in a competitor’s firm!”

But God wasn’t done—three months later, she was hired by another firm that offered greater opportunity, which included profit sharing. “My harvest just keeps coming. I have blessed more people now in retirement than I ever did in my work years,” rejoices Pauline.

And the blessings kept coming. Sometime later, Pauline’s brother-in-law faced a medical crisis and was given only a 1% chance of living. The family held weekly prayer calls to ask God for His healing. During this crisis, the family made a trip to Inspiration Ministries.

“Marilyn and another prayer minister prayed over us. We knew something happened that day! My mother felt the power of God flow through her. God also touched my brother-in-law, answering his prayer for a couple more years to see his son graduate from college.”

Pauline wants others to know that sowing a seed is about focusing on the greater harvest of souls. “You must sow into good ground. We love Inspiration Ministries because it focuses on soul—it’s not a celebrity ministry. We sow to send the Good News to others, and we are blessed in the process.”